Have you considered necessary steps to take before, during and after an incident or emergency? 

Total Project Management concentrates on three critical elements to focus and prepare your Contingency Plans:

  1. Business Continuity
  2. Emergency Planning
  3. Disaster Recovery

Incidents are the reality and take many forms:

  • Environmental Blackout; Poor Air Quality; Chemical spills

  • Natural Fire; Flood; Hurricanes

  • Technical Network failure; Viruses

  • Induced Emergencies Sabotage; Workplace Violence

Let Total Project Management Review and Improve your Business Continuity Program.

An effective Business Continuity Program ensures compliance with regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley, government agencies and utilizes the NFPA 1600 standards endorsed by the Department of Homeland Security.

Total Project Management guides you through the Contingency planning process, recommends software products that meet your requirements, and notification tools.

Insurance does not preclude the necessity of an emergency management plan.  Contingency planning protects your organization in many ways:

  • Employee Safety

  • Reduces Potential Damage

  • Helps throughout a Crisis

  • Assures employees and clients

  • Returns the Business to Normalcy

  • Improves Business Reputation

We can create a workable, cost-effective, flexible, and easy-to-maintain Business Continuity Plan so you can breathe easier with the knowledge that you are prepared.


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