TMP Services:

PROJECT MANAGEMENT: We produce results for visionary leaders. See how PM fundamentals provide the key critical indicators that allow you to make decisions in order for your organization to thrive. We help you align strategic goals for the successful completion of projects in your future.

Receive personal training with an experienced project manager. We show you which tools and techniques are the best for your business. We drive business improvements; create project plans, review initiatives, and give accurate, professional feedback. TPM uses the knowledge areas of PMBOK and discovers the best PM methodologies for business. Increase your organization's project management maturity with us.

BUSINESS CONTINUITY: Institute a Business Continuity program to assure the safety of your organization and comply with Sarbanes-Oxley regulations. The plan incorporates Disaster Recovery, Emergency Communications, and Crisis Management. The Director of Education for the Association of Contingency Planners provides this service. Review business impact analysis and learn to prioritize your critical functional processes. Contingency planning empowers your organization and your executives to efficiently recover form any incident.



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